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Lemme tell you a little story.

A bunch of assholes started writing fic for some television show with an utterly preposterous premise. But hey, I love fic by assholes, and if there's one thing being a media fan has taught me, it's to ignore preposterous premises. What the hey, I thought. I'll give it a shot. And then that thing happened where one week later you emerge from a stupor to find you've read all the halfway decent fic at the AO3 in a fandom for which you have NEVER SEEN A SINGLE EPISODE.

Several months later, thanks in large part to the kindness of [personal profile] giandujakiss , I've finally started working my way through season one.

I just finished episode 4, "Cura Te Ipsum."

The closest analogy I can get to the experience of watching the last five minutes of that episode is being invited to a reasonably fun party and handed a red solo cup with some perfectly okay beer from a warming keg. Your friends told you the party was going to be AMAZING and it's fine, really, but it's not exactly amazing, so you're a little disappointed, but you're also aware that one person's amazing isn't necessarily another's, and hey, free beer. Then, after a few hours of sort of run-of-the-mill drinking and talking, you're quietly invited into the room where the real party is. There's good scotch and expensive chocolate and a bunch of really smart, really fun people talking about things you find FASCINATING.

All of which is to say, yes, I get it now.

Date: 2013-04-30 06:58 am (UTC)
copracat: Kirk and Spock, the older the grape, the sweeter the wine (sweet grope - lanning)
From: [personal profile] copracat
You know, I thought that despite its overwhelmingly perfect cold prickly slashiness, this show would never get a slash fandom because the two main guys were too old and all the most recent slash fandoms have been about the young, ripped and pretty. How glad I am that I was wrong.


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