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This is unlikely to go anywhere, ever, but I liked it enough to post. Loosely based on something that happened, once.

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OK, so there's this passage in the Kalevala where Lemminkäinen gets himself killed, dismembered, and thrown in a river. His mother takes a big copper rake and dredges the river again and again, pulling out Lemminkäinen's body bit by bit. Then she puts him back together again. There's this amazing list of all the parts she pulls out:

...She dragged it once, dragged it twice;
she gets her son's shirt, to her distress of mind the shirt.
She dragged once again; she got his stockings, came upon his hat,
His stockings, in a great state of grief, his hat, in anxiety of mind.

...The third time indeed
she got a sheaf of grain in the iron rake.
It was not a sheaf of grain, it was really reckless Lemminkäinen,
the handsome man with a far-roving mind caught fast in the teeth of rake
by his ring finger, his left toe.
Reckless Lemminkäinen rose up, the Kaleva descendant came up
in the copper rake to the surface of the clear waters.
But a little something was lacking, one hand, half his head,
a lot of other bits and pieces, his life to boot.

...She drags once more with the copper rake
along the river of Death's Domain, both longways and crossways.
She gets a hand, gets the head, gets half the backbone,
the other half of the ribs, many other bits and pieces.
Out of these she constructed the son, made reckless Lemminkäinen.
She joined muscles to muscles, fitted bones to bones,
members to members, veins to breaks in veins.

(From the Magoun translation, Canto 15, lines 195-554)

So here's what I'm thinking.

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Title: A Year in the Life
Author: Miss Priss ([livejournal.com profile] miss_pryss)
Fandom: Live Free or Die Hard
Pairing: John McClane/Matthew Farrell
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content
Archiving: Ask permission first
Spoilers: For Live Free or Die Hard and very mild spoilers for the rest of the Die Hard franchise
Word Count: ~4,000 words
Summary: One year later, Matt takes John McClane out for a drink.

Note: This story is now also archived at Archive of Our Own.

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So, I'm not much of a writer of fanfic - I mostly read what others are kind enough to make public. But I did write a story, one time... A real, whole story. In an obscure fandom. Anyone out there read the Elenium/Tamuli series by David Eddings? When I wrote this story, multi ani fa, I was a huge fan. Now? Not so much, but I still sort of like this story.

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Originally posted to, um, Allslash and Litslash, I believe. Anyway, now that I have this LJ, I suppose I can put this thing out there again.

Flees bashfully.


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